Friday, February 16, 2018

A valentine craft or random acts of kindness craft and a give away

I love children’s literature! I love kwikstix paint sticks and I love making things with my kiddos! So for Valentine’s Day, I combined all of these and also have a giveaway for you!!!!

I saw this cute book online and had to buy it! I love the pictures and the story line! Click here to purchase on amazonClick here to purchase on amazon!!

This is a story about two friends who love each other so much that they create lists telling each other what they love about each other! 

My kids loved it! So since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought what an awesome book to use to introduce our parent gift! This can also be done for random acts of kindness week which is in February as well! 

We read the book and then went back to our seats to write a list of ten things they love about their mom and/or dad!!!

I found white cardstock hearts at michaels and I had them decorate one side using the Kwik Stix paint sticks! I love how vibrant these are! They are amazing and dry within 90 seconds! Painting without the mess!!! What can be better in a first grade classroom?! These can be purchased at michaels  and target! They are also found in amazon

After they decorated their heart, they glued it to the front of a larger red heart! 

Then they glued their list of ten things they live about their mom and dad on the back.

Finally, I had taken their pictures and made them into silhouettes. I glued them to the front of their heart!

To make the silhouettes:

1. Take their picture in front of a white background. I used white bulletin board paper.
2. Upload it to google drive and then save to your desktop.
3. Open PowerPoint.
4. Insert photo into a PowerPoint slide.
5. Crop photo and format to remove background.
6. Click on picture. Go to format then color. 
7. Choose black.
8. Print and cut!

There are your silhouettes!! 

I am excited to share this book, activity and product with you! I am even more excited to share that I have a set of paint sticks to give away to one of you!! 

Please enter the rafflecopter below!!

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Good luck!!!!!!


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