Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mrs. Wishy Washy's Ice Cream!

Hello! I was fortunate enough to be able to read, use and review some Wishy Washy books from Hameray Publishing!

I love Mrs. Wishy Washy! I mean who doesn't! I have read Mrs. Wishy Washy and Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm for years in my classroom and the kids love them!

So, I had the opportunity to read and use books about Mrs. Wishy Washy that I have not heard of and I have to tell you the one I am reviewing this week, I absolutely love! So do my kids!

I read the book: Wishy Washy Ice Cream!

Anything that has ice cream is amazing to me so I couldn't wait to use this!

Click on the book to go to the site for purchasing and other info:

The text was perfect for my small group! The kids loved it and they loved the fact that they could read it themselves. The pictures were perfect, not overwhelming!

Mrs. Wishy Washy is a beloved character and combining her with ice cream provides us with so many things we can do in the classroom!

Here are some of the things my kids did!

First, we used our five senses and described ice cream! We filled out this chart together! The adjectives were both  amazing and funny!

We then created a minibook about ice cream so first they filled out their graphic organizer!

Then they took this and wrote their own book!

we then did a small writing for morning work the next day about ice cream! They also made a giant paper ice cream to glue their writing to!

And of course we read an emergent reader that I wrote about Mrs. Wishy Washy's Ice Cream!

You can get all of these papers by clicking here:

So this is just the first book I have reviewed! I will be doing another one next week! I hope you will enjoy this and use this book in your room!

Also click Mrs. Wishy Washy below to get the clipart to make the Mrs. Wishy Washy pointers for your kids to follow along with! All you have to do is copy, laminate, cut and hot glue to a popsicle stick!!!

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