Tuesday, March 22, 2016

crocodile pie!

Today we began our unit on poems! We read two poems- A Crocodiles Toothache by Shel Silverstein and Crocodile Pie! We discussed how authors use words to appeal to our senses in poems. The kids loved the two poems and they loved the video of A Crocodiles Toothache, I found on YouTube! Just click on the picture of my kids to watch the video! Of course you can't read the poem Crocodile Pie and not make it and that is just what we did!

To make Crocodile Pie, each child gets an individual pack of vanilla pudding, two chocolate chips, 2 edible eyes and 6 mini marshmallows. Add some green food coloring to the pudding and have them stir until it is completely green! 

Then when the pudding is green, they pour it on the plate and with their soon mold it to look like a crocodiles head. 

After you have molded the pudding into the shape of the crocodiles head, add two chocolate chips for the nostrils and two edible eyes. Then roll the mini marshmallows to look like teeth and add three on each side.

Once completed, you have crocodile pie! 

Now you eat it!







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