Monday, October 5, 2015

Class Dojo Translate!

Once again, the amazing @ClassDojo masterminds have listened to us and have given us another feature that will set ClassDojo apart from the others!

Starting today, we now have ClassDojo translate!

Now every post we make can be translated by our students family with just a push of the button on their end! How amazing and helpful is that!!!!! At this time, this feature is only available on the web. It will be coming to Android and IOS devices in the near future!

Family engagement is a main focus of ClassDojo and teachers everywhere! This feature is one that is needed and will definitely improve communication between families and classrooms around the world!

I am so glad because I have a student whose family does not speak English well and this will definitely be a way to bridge the communication gap!!!

Another improvement that will help educators share #classdojolove 

Thank you, ClassDojo!!!

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