Saturday, October 17, 2015

An Awesome Day With..........

Oh, my! Can I just say, I had the best two days, I think I have ever had! I had the awesome opportunity to spend two days with Debbie Clement!

First, a little background! I met Debbie through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We began chatting and then I began to participate in her amazing Twitter chat #teacherfriends on Tuesdays from 9pm to 10pm. We became fast friends. Then we started talking about a possible visit and before you know it, she was here!!!!

Here we are in my classroom on the day she arrived!

So, she arrived on Monday, and did 3 assemblies with the three upper grades. Then she spent time at school with me until we went to dinner at Crabby Dicks! Some of my close teacher friends joined us! This was a fun and entertaining dinner! Then she came to my house for the night!

My daughter was so excited to have a real live author sleeping in her house! She was bouncing off the walls! 

Then on Tuesday, debbie came to school with me and she did the assemblies for grades 1, 2 and K. Amazing does not even describe this assembly! The kids were engaged, on task and mesmerized! they loved all the sings, dances and books! They really loved it when the teachers danced to Go Piggy!

Here are some pictures:

Loved this experience! Loved the books! Loved how happy she made my kids! I just love her!!!!!
Did I mention this day was amazing!!!!!!!!

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