Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sit Spots... a must have and a giveaway!!

I love Sit Spots! When I first saw them, I thought what an amazing product! A way to create rows of seats for my kiddos on my carpet without using masking tape and a sharpie! I don't know about you, but my custodians did not like to see the tape on the carpet.

So of course, I began to think.... How else can I use these amazing products? I wanted to use them in a way that nobody has. I thought and thought and then wham! A Math Floor. I called Joyce from Sit Spots who is absolutely amazing. Told her what I would like to do and then thanks to her, my thoughts became a reality! Mu kiddos love the math floor. My administrators have never seen anything like it and I get kudos in my observation.

So here's what I did for my Math Floor:

My number line- odd numbers are blue circle sit spots, even numbers are red circle sit spots. The line is a strip made from sit spots. The number line goes up to 30.

Here are my ten frames! The kids fill them with yellow and black sit spot circles. They roll a pair of dice. The first number is a group of yellow circles they add to the ten frame and the second number is the group of black circles they add to the ten frame. The ten frame and the number sentence shell are made from black strips of sit spot material.

My rekenrek is made from red and white Sit Spot ovals and black Sit Spot strips.

Number bonds are made from yellow and white Sit Spot circles and black Sit Spot strips.

So Sit Spots are much more then just a spot for your kids to sit on. They can be interactive. So be creative!!!

And now for the exciting news!! Joyce from Sit Spots is donating a $50.00 gift card for me to give away to one of you!

So enter the rafflecopter below!

Good Luck!!!

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  1. I got my first Sit Spots recently and absolutely love them! I am already planning how to use more in my classroom!
    The Chalkboard Garden