Friday, April 17, 2015

We got our Terrarium plants and ......

So, on Wednesday, I received a box that contained plants for our terrarium. I opened it up and left it as is because we were not going to get the terrariums made until today. In the center of the box was a white container that looked like an ice cream container. On the bottom was the label chameleons. I thought they were a kind of plant and left it in the box.

Well, today was the day we were going to make the terrariums. We take out the container and it was awfully light. We did not know what could be in the container and we thought no way can it be an animal because our kit does not call for lizards. We only put in millipedes and box beetles that ill not be in until next week.

Well, can you imagine the surprise when I opened the container and out popped all these little green heads. Yep, they were anoles or american chameleons.

They were scared, of course and when they heard someone scream, out they hopped. So here I am in a skirt, crawling around on the floor, trying to catch these quick little critters!

Having to think fast, we made a home for them out of a plastic terrarium container from our kit, some gravel and moss. These are all from our science kit.

Here is their first home!

Not too bad for having to make it quickly!

Of course, my student teacher (she is awesome by the way!) started to research these awesome little guys and what we found out was amazing! First, they needed a new home and they had to be fed.
So after work and picking up my 7 year old, we go to find a pet store. we found this awesome one called Pet Kare in Bear, DE! They were amazing and after they heard the story of how I became their mom, they gave me an awesome discount on their new home! Here it is!

This is a big difference. So they got a new home and some crickets to eat and a new friend because when we were there we saw tree frogs in the cage with the pet store's anoles. Of course, I had to get one for them. So now they have a new friend! Just to let you know, the little critters came with me and the awesome staff set up their new home for me and put them in there for me as well!

Here is a picture of Thelma (they are both female and they are named Thelma and Louise!)

Here is a picture of their new friend!

And here is one last collage of my new babies!! I can not wait until my kiddos see the new set up Monday morning when I bring it to school!!!

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