Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Study: Chapter 17 Visualization

I am linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for Chapter 17 of the Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites Book Study.

For visualization, I love to use these books! My students enjoy having to listen and draw what I ask.

The monster in the Woods is about a group of animals sitting together in a storm. They hear noises and know that the Monster in the Woods is out there. I read right up until the monster is revealed and I have them go back to their seats to draw and write about why they drew what they did. Then we get back together, talk about what they drew and thought and then we finish the book. Then we have a discussion about the real monster in the woods.

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I love this book! I first read it in college (many, many, many years ago. LOL!)
This is about a little boy who finds an aminal in the woods. he brings the aminal home but along the way he meets a friend. he tells them about the aminal and goes on his way. Well, this is like the game, Telephone, as each friend sees another, the description of the aminal grows. I stop reading right before the aminal is revealed and then I have them go back and draw what they think the aminal is and write why.

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The last book I love to use is The Book With No Pictures! This book is awesome! There are no pictures so the kids must visualize everything the reader says! I will choose different parts and ask them to visualize what the author is saying. They then share this with a partner and then we discuss it as a class. I will also have them draw what I said and then we share the pictures on the ELMO!

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