Monday, April 14, 2014

The Three B's: Baseball, Book Fair and the Beginning of Bugs Unit!!!

Well, Last week was busy! 

Let's start with Baseball! Oh how I love this sport!!!! We celebrated opening week with some baseball activities!

We talked about the inside of a  baseball! Did you know that there is 941 feet of yarn in the middle of a baseball?! Well, I did not but I do now! We made a model of the inside of a baseball and did a follow me activity and made baseball players and then wrote about the game of baseball! We also made a circle map of the tools of a baseball player!

Here are some pictures:

Here are some of the books we read:

Now for the book fair!! What can I say? I am a book fanatic and this was the buy one get one free sale! So of course, I had to buy a lot! I always use this one to freshen up my units and to buy 6 of each reader for small groups!!! Here is what I bought on day one!

And of course, I can not leave without buying something for my kiddos! So I bought them all an eraser!

And finally to begin our bug unit! We learned about Entomologists and some bug/insect facts! The one fact they loved was the compound eyes. we used kaleidoscopes so they can be a bug! Here is the chart we made!

And our first bug was my favorite! The Praying Mantis! We read books, created anchor charts, learned the life cycle, watched some videos and did a follow me activity! Whew, we were busy! Here are the pictures of our follow me activity and of the books we read!

Here is our anchor charts!

During my units, I try to read a nonfiction and a fiction book for each item I am teaching!

So here you have our week last week! I promise I will actually post what we did this week on time!!!

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