Sunday, October 8, 2017

Subtraction with Pete the Cat

Subtraction is always such a difficult concept to teach my firsties. They seem to just be getting addition and then wham we hit them with subtraction. To some, subtraction is mind blowing!!

Kids at this age need multimodality activities and lots of practice to understand many of the concepts we are trying to teach them. I have found that with subtraction just reviewing and having them physically put things on and take things away ingrain into them what subtraction is. 

I am also a firm believer that children's literature is needed to introduce many of the skills we teach throughout the day. 

After we listen to the story and we do a number talk, then we dive into subtracting. I made a Pete the Cat for each of them and they get a small container of buttons! This is where the fun begins! They go back to their seats and we just practice doing subtraction problems with our Pete the Cats!

If you notice there are no worksheets present. J do not believe in giving them worksheets when I am just introducing the topic. We are focusing on what is subtraction and how does subtraction look! They are acting it out and we are talking as they add buttons and take them away! They are practicing writing subtraction sentences on their desk next to their Pete the Cat and we are talking about the sentences they are writing as focusing on the difference! And yes, I make them use the vocabulary!

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