Friday, October 27, 2017

Guided Reading Time

Do you do guided Reading in your classroom? I absolutely love guided reading! During this time, I love listening to my students read the text and answer the questions on their own!

Normally I use materials that I find, borrow or make but Carson Dellosa has made an amazing new product that makes guided reading more manageable and interesting! 

This book has 6 different stories! There are 6 copies of each story and they are also leveled according to their Lexie level! There are 2 of each level: level 1 lexile level of 380 and 470, level 2 lexile level of 480 and 500 and level 3 lexile level 480 and 520. These stories are all laminated for durability!

These stories are so interesting that the kids just love reading them over and over! What is another great feature of this set is the discussion guides! There is a laminated discussion guide for each book. These questions are higher order thinking! 

The guided reading model allows them to make predictions, create questions, write their opinions and write downany new vocabulary! This is an awesome sheet to have during the lesson! It makes your kids accountable as well as help them dig deep into the text!

I love the making connections sheet as well. This gives them a graphic organizer to help make text to self and text to text connections! A great resource for your group! 

For the management and progress monitoring of your group, there is a guided reading observation sheet! This allows you to keep track of where your children are during each stage of reading (before, during and after) this provides so much valuable information and it is right at your finger tips!

You can either purchase this book in a hard copy or in eprint! This is a great option especially for those classrooms who are or are going to go paperless! Click here for the link to purchase!

Guided Reading is such an important time of day! This book provides us with the materials we need to have a successful small group experience! It is also a great resource for those who have to do RTI. You can use these stories and discussion guides with your higher level students!

I am a brand ambassador and this post contains my opinions! I have not been paid for my post or for the opinions I have provided. I received the materials and provided honest feedback! 

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