Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kwik Stix- An Amazing Tool

I love Kwik Stix. They come in all varieties now. They come in glitter colors, primary colors, neon colors, thick sticks and now thin sticks.

Kwik Stix are amazing! They are paint in a stick. They dry within 90 seconds. They are bright and colorful. They last for a long time and kids love them!!!! Teachers love them! No clean up! No spilled water! No mess!!!

When we first used Kwik Stix in the classroom, all they had were regular and neon colors. When it is time to do our special projects or indoor recess when the weather is bad, my kids get so excited because they know that they will be using the paint sticks!
Look how bright the neon ones are!!!!!!

These are amazing!!!!

Then came the Metallix! These are amazing because they have glitter in them. The kids went crazy creating with these!

Then we got the privilege of trying out the thin paint stix. OH MY! These are amazing! My kids loved them! I love them!!!!!

easy to hold!

The thin paint sticks are so beneficial to my kids who have fine motor problems. I began using them to help them make shapes and pictures.  I use these with them to strengthen their hands.

These students can not have their picture taken so I will just post their art work before we began to use the thin Kwik Stix and after! You will notice a difference! The kids love using the paint stix!!!

Now, I let all of my kids use them and they love the thin ones because they can add detail to their pictures.

 I love them because I can write positive notes to my kiddos and they love receiving these randomly. 

Here are some of my Positive notes I have made for my kids!

Now for even better news!!!! Yes, you can find these amazing artistic, must have tools on Amazon. They are available 6, 12 and 24 packs.

If you click on the pictures of the paint stix above, they bring you to the Amazon link! 

So add these to your  Must Have list! You won't be disappointed!!!!!

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