Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day

Have I told you lately how much I love Oriental Trading!!!! They have the most amazing things that make the special days with our kiddos even more special! 

Valentine's Day is always a big favorite with my firsties! So this year, thanks to Oriental Trading, this day was even more amazing! 

We love Snoopy(I know who doesn't) and when you mix Snoopy and Valentine's Day together with a group of firsties you get nothing but success!!!

First, did you know that you can buy plastic tablecloth by the roll!! Well, you can so of course, I had to get the Snoopy Valentine roll. Oriental Trading has more then just Snoopy!


I used the tablecloth to make a background for our photo booth!!!! There are so many amazing Snoopy decorations available from Oriental Trading! The kids loved our photo booth decorated with Snoopy decorations and the giant stand up Snoopy! 

Aren't their pictures adorable!!!

Of course, I had to decorate inside my classroom also and Oriental Trading makes this an easy task! I absolutely love the Snoopy valentines day decorations!!! They have many styles to choose from!! 

The hearts are from a set I already had but the tiny Snoopys are from the centerpiece decorations!! See how versatile their decorations are!!!

If it's a game you are looking for, this is the place to look! They have a variety of games! My kids loved this bean bag game!!!

What is a holiday without a craft! My kiddos loved making the Snoopy magnet for their parents!!!

What can we do to bring home our valentines? Make boxes of course and they have a variety of valentine boxes and holders!! We made the Snoopy ones!!!

Every teacher loves to give their kids a little something for their special days in the classroom! There is such a huge selection at Oriental Trading! My  kids loved them!!!

Crayons, pencils and erasers are just amazing little gifts for my firsties!!!

Thank you Oriental Trading for always having what we need and love!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!

















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