Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy 101st Day of School

Today was a busy day in first grade! Not only was it Valentine's Day but it was also the 101st day of  school!

To celebrate this day, we made our Dalmatian shirts and hats! The shirts are made by taking bingo daubers and sitting our plain white tshirts! Thank you @ericabohrer for this amazing unit!!!

Aren't they cute!!!!

We also did lots of activities such as tiny word search, write the room and draw and write about if I could have 101 things I would have ___________! 

We got our pictures taken with our frame as well as going home with a special treat! 

And we also put together a collection of 101 things at home to bring in and share with us during morning meeting!

They received a special treat that represents 101using two pretzels for the ones and an Oreo for the zero!

Happy 101st day everyone!!




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