Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Camp Iwanttoreadalot

I now have a favorite area in my room! This is thanks to +Oriental Trading ! I absolutely love my new reading area! I have called it Camp Iwanttoreadalot! 

When I began to think about redoing my reading area, I had so many ideas in my head! Then I looked at the education catalog from Oriental Trading and saw the camping stuff for classrooms and fell in love! 

I had to get the background! They have so many awesome backgrounds to fit all of your educational needs! Just check out their catalog!

I fell in love with the trees and the stump!!! 

Here is my reading area redesigned!!!

The teepee and the rug are from +Target . The pillows in the teepee are also from +Target . The polka dotted pillows are from +Kohl's ! 

All the awesome materials I received from +Oriental Trading was easy to assemble, hang up and coordinate. It added so much to my classroom! 

Please go visit Oriental Trading for all of your classroom needs! 

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