Sunday, May 29, 2016

A GoNoodle kind of day

Can I just say, I love, love, love Classdojo and GoNoodle !! Separate they are amazing but together!!!!! Omg, they are awesome!!! 

At the beginning of the year, we as a class, sit down and talk about goals for behavior! We create the positives and negatives for Classdojo and we choose what they would like as the ultimate reward! 

They chose a GoNoodle day! I was ecstatic because my love for GoNoodle has transferred into all of my students!!! 

So they worked and worked and worked to meet their goal and when they did you would have thought they won the lottery! 

It was finally here! GoNoodle day !!!

I made a smart board sign to display throughout the day! They all got a GoNoodle t shirt that I made (thanks to the help of our awesome and patient staff center secretary and awesome mother of one of the little girls in my class), pencils and stickers! You would have thought they all received the best present in the world! I bought the pencils and stickers from the GoNoodle store! This is an awesome place to visit to get your GoNoodle necessities!!!

We took pictures and we did GoNoodle word searches, coloring sheets, writing activity about which GoNoodle champ they would be and why, and many directed drawings of various champs!

Here are the pictures of the class and their shirts and the champs we drew!!!

Look how happy they were!!



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