Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What teaching is all about!

As I sit here on this cold Veteran's Day, I am thinking about all the things and events that have occurred over my 20 years of teaching. I think of all of the events I have attended, all of the professional development and conferences that I have attended and all of the curriculums and new “ways” of teaching I have been taught and expected to use. But what I think of the most are the many students and families that I have been in contact with.
I love my job! I love everything about my job! I love the experiences both good and bad that I have had. I love all of the people I have come into contact with. But most of all I love my students. I love every single one that I have ever taught. When someone says to me what do you think teaching is all about, I say it is about relationships and it is about my students. I am not there for myself or to get a pat on the back. I am there to make sure my students learn how to be successful. I am there to make sure they all feel loved and worthy. That is what I feel teaching is all about.
The relationships I have formed with my students and their families are what make my career successful. The relationships I have made with my colleagues enrich my career. It it through these relationships that success and a love for learning grows.
Blogging creates many meaningful relationships. We are all fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to be teachers. We have keep in touch and through social media we have grown as educators. We have formed an everlasting relationship amongst the tribe of us that has enriched all of our careers. We have collaborated and provided each of us with tools and techniques to create a successful and enriched classroom. This is what teaching is all about!
So when I sit and think about what teaching is about, it is not about the awards or the recognitions I have received. It is not about me at all. Teaching is about relationships. Teaching is about my students. Teaching is about making others feel successful and worthy.
I love this video and feel that this is what sums up my post!

Have a great week!

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