Saturday, September 5, 2015

GoNoodle's Back to School Blogger Blitz!

Do you GoNoodle? I love GoNoodle! Since I am a GoNoodle blogger I am linking up with GoNoodle and the other amazing bloggers to share how I plan to use GoNoodle in my classroom this year and to offer you a chance to win GoNoodle prizes!

I am very excited about this school year! I am a firm believer that movement and physical activity is vital for student success! That is why I love GoNoodle!

My students will begin and end every day this year with Maximo. This is a daily part of our Morning Meeting and our closing circle! I feel it is important for them to start and end the day with a little Yoga, cool down and calming activity as well as physical activity. 

I am really excited about the project that I have created and plan on doing using one of our favorite GoNoodle heroes, Freckles! To increase the writing skills and reading skills of my students, I have created a Flat Freckles unit. This is based on the same idea as Flat Stanley. I wrote a book and created a writing journal for the kids to write in about their adventures with Flat Freckles. I also have enlisted about 30 classrooms around the United States who would like to take part in this activity! We are so excited to begin this adventure!!!!

Of course, I will also be using GoNoodle throughout the day, to keep those brain juices flowing!!!!

I already posted earlier about how I incorporate the GoNoodle heroes in my Math and ELA lessons! 

But this year, I decorated my classroom using the GoNoodle heroes! Here are some pictures of my room:

GoNoodle Choice Sticks

Table caddies

Table Signs

So there are a few ways I am incorporating GoNoodle into my classroom. The list will lengthen as the year goes on. 

Now here is the exciting part!!!!!! GoNoodle has given me a class set of GoNoodle Head bands to give away to one lucky reader!!! 

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And that's not all, they have created a special discount code to use in their store from September 5 to september 11. You get 15% off your purchases just by entering the code BTSwithGoNoodle.

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  1. I love the idea of Flat Freckles!
    So creative!

    1. Thank you for visiting! I am very excited about Flat Freckles!!