Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teach Like A Pirate!!

Can I just say that tonight had to have been one of the best nights I have had! I went to Dover, DE with my amazing student teacher to listen to @burgessdave #tlap.

I first read the book, Teach Like A Pirate, two years ago. I was hooked. I saw a book study linky and joined! I am so glad I did!!

Teach Like A Pirate is an inspirational book that guides you to be the teacher that we should be striving to be! Like he said, teaching is about experiences not content!

Life changing lessons are our goal! Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask and Analyze, Transformation and Enthusiasm are what teaching like a PIRATE is all about!

He talked about the importance of hooks, discussed the P, A, and T of PIRATE: Passion (how can you be effective without this and I loved the part where he said our kids need to know us as a human! Share things about yourself with your kids), Ask and Analyze (you can't teach if you don't ask questions!!) and Transformation (transform your room, yourself into what you are teaching!).

He has to be the most inspiring and motivational guest speaker I have ever had the privilege listening to.

Creativity, Passion, Immersion, are just a few characteristics a #tlap teacher has!

I got goodies and a new book to read! Learn Like A Pirate! I can not wait to read this! I absolutely love my tshirt!!!!! We got a free copy of Teach Like a Pirate for attending!

click on book to go to amazon.

I felt like a silly school girl when I asked him to sign my book and to get a picture taken with me!

So Aaaargh you ready to Teach Like a Pirate?! I can guarantee you your students are!!!!

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  1. I saw him, too! BEST PD... EVER! He was the perfect breath of fresh air I needed in May.
    Love that you got his autograph in your book!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher