Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer linky

I am excited to join this linky and awesome group of teachers to talk about what I have been doing this summer!

Well, I have been moving my classroom and I am now moving my house!

I have created some smartboard items and placed them onto TPT. Very excited!!!!

I have bought my planner as nd d ome awesome pens which I can not wait to use!

I have read some awesome books, Teach Like A Pirate and Eating Mangoes.

I am leaving Sunday for the Model Schools Conference in Washington, DC.

My goal is to create some more products and travel some!


  1. We are so happy that you linked up with us! Love your planner! I am so excited about mine too!

    Table Talk with C & C

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! I am still new to this experience called blogging and linking up! I love my planet also! My life planet will be here soon!


  2. Now I have... If you're a kid, a kid....Stuck in my head! I know it's for KDG, but I'd play in in my 3rd grade as a little break. Kids got a kick out of it!
    Nice planner! I'm still on the fence about it. Two of my teaching pals bought one!
    Cute blog!

    1. I know. ......the songs are very addictive! By the end of the day, I have several of them in my head! I have had several of the uppergrade teachers come to me about my brain breaks. They have used them in their rooms and their kids loved them! They made a difference!

      Thanks for visiting! I am new to this experience of blogging and I truly love it! I hope I get much better at it as the time goes on!

      I do love my plant! It has everything we would need at our fingertips. I was on the fence also but then I just took a leap off the fence and bought one. I am glad i did!