Monday, June 17, 2013

AAAArgh you a lifeguard or a swimmer? Chapter 2 of Teach Like a Pirate- Immersion

What a chapter!!! It was short but important. When you reflect upon your role in the classroom and how you are with your students, ask yourself this question: AAAAArgh you a lifeguard or a swimmer?

If you are the type of teacher who is on the side lines, not engrossed or interacting with your students then you would answer lifeguard. The message you are sending is that this moment is not important.

If you are interacting and are WITH your students then you are a swimmer. The message that you are sending is that there is no place else you would rather be. That this is it!

Immersion is what makes an effective teacher. The students know when you are there and when you are are there in body but not soul. It is immersion that sparks success, love of learning and desire. It is immersion that lights the fire.

The energy that comes from us when we are immersed is the energy that keeps our students involved. It fosters their love of learning.

So again, AAAAAAAAArgh you a life guard or a swimmer?

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