Thursday, December 27, 2018

Llama Directed Drawing Family Gift

It is that time of year again when we must come up with the perfect parent gift for our kiddos to make and give to their parents for the holidays. Can I just say, the pressure is real!!! 

Anyways, I found the perfect gift that is both easy and inexpensive!!!!

I found 6 x 6 white ceramic tiles. I got these at Home Depot for only .49 cents a piece. 

Then I gathered all of my sharpies and since I am a school supply junkie I had sooooooo many sharpies! My kiddos used these to draw and decorate their llamas. I chose llamas because that is my favorite animal and everything in my classroom is llamas! You can choose anything at all. That’s what makes this gift so versatile! It can be made for any holiday or occasion!

I drew the llama step by step and they followed me. They used marker only because pencil will not show up on the tile. 

Here are some of their finished presents!!!

Aren’t they stinking cute!!!! And to finish the project, after they dried I sprayed them with modge podge to seal them! You can purchase it at michaels for $8.00. It lasts forever! I am on year 4 with the same can. If you use their coupons, you can spend as little as $4.00 for the can! Click below for the link! 

So there you have it! An inexpensive gift that gives your families a lifetime of memories!!! What more can you ask for!!! 

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