Thursday, December 27, 2018

Grinch Day 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I love this time of year with my kiddos!! It is so much fun and they get to see us in a different light!! 

So I have to say by far Grinch Day is one of my utmost favorite days in December with my kids!!! First the set up!! 

I take green bulletin board paper and cover their lockers!! I write You have been Grinched! And this year I added a giant grinch head!! 

Years ago, I painted this grinch terra cota pot! Inside it I put their “grinchies” (treats) from the grinch! I also place this letter to them from the grinch with the grinchies!

I take away all the pencils in the classroom! I go through desks and all of the possible hiding places and removed all the lead pencils! I replaced them with green colored pencils! I put them in a grinch container I made and placed a letter from the grinch with the pencils!!

Throughout the years, I have gathered and made grinch items! I always add one or two new things each year!! Yo finish off my set up, I just place Grinch items throughout the room!

For curriculum, we read the book and talk about the central message, story elements and make text to self connections! We also review adjectives and describe the grinch! Click below for the link to the book (in case you do not have it!)

There is an awesome app that you can download onto your phone and it turns your kids into the grinch!! 

Here is what the pictures will look like!

Aren’t they adorable!!! 

We also make grinch ornaments! We take the clear plastic ornaments from michaels. They come 25 to a container. I got them for 60 percent off so it cost me 8.00. I used bright green tempera paint and red glitter heart stickers. 

Place done green paint inside the ornament and have the kids move the ornament around and tap it lightly until the entire ornament is green on the inside! Then give them a heart to place on their ornament! I have my ids write with black sharpie Happy Grinchmas with the year! 

Happy Grinch Day from our little family to yours!!

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