Thursday, January 25, 2018

Vocabulary can be fun especially when it includes a giveaway!!!

Do you dislike teaching your Littles vocabulary? Is this an area that you struggle in? Do you feel your ways are dry? 

Well, let me tell you, I have had the privilege to try a program that is absolutely amazing!! Mrs. wordsmith is a vocabulary program that makes vocabulary fun and interesting. 

Here is what you get in the kit:

Here is the box! I just love the cartoons used to help the kiddos see and understand the word that you are introducing and teaching! 

So when you open the box you will see...........

The inside cover which has the various characters that are used to teach the vocabulary words! 

Then inside the box itself you will see.........

The binder that has sections with all the words and the characters that you will be teaching. The vocabulary cards that are grouped by topic and then along the bottom are the boxes of vocabulary trading cards. These are small versions of the vocabulary cards! 

My kids love this program! They are learning about word pairs and synonyms and how to use these new words throughout the day in both their speech and their writing. 

Here is what the vocabulary cards look like.

This is the front! Don’t you love the picture! I love how the picture is detailed and brightly colored. This captures their attention and they are drawn to it. I also like how the vocabulary word is large and bold!!!

Here is the back! It has the vocabulary word with synonyms and word pairs! My kids learned quickly the difference!! 

They love doing these together!!! 

Here are the vocabulary trading cards! I put the ones we have done in a container in the writing area. This makes them accessible to them while they are writing so they can use the words that we are learning. 

I also hang the cards up that we have learned. I laminate them first and then hang them up so they can see them. Kids learn from items that are hanging on the walls!! Making these words accessible increases their vocabulary and their internalization of these words!! 

The back of the small cards have a sampling of synonyms and word pairs!! 

My kids are doing great identifying word pairs and synonyms. Here are some samples from one of our lessons! 

I love how focused they are identifying the word pairs and synonyms and while writing the definition on their paper! 

These lessons are just minutes long and do not take much time out of your schedule! The colorful pictures and pace makes these lessons not only enjoyable but meaningful!

Here is a video of a lesson!

This program will soon be available in a classroom kit with a teachers guide!!! This program should be available in the spring!!! Mrs.wordsmith is doing so many amazing things to bring vocabulary alive for our students!!!!!!

One more thing and this is amazing!! Mrs.Wordsmith has given me a kit for one of my lucky readers to win!!’ Just enter the rafflecopter below!!!

Good luck!!!

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  1. Vocabulary is such a huge need for my kiddos. It impacts both reading and writing. I would appreciate this giveaway -thanks for the chance.