Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Grinch Day!

The week before Christmas break has always been my absolute favorite week ever since I started teaching over 20 years ago!

I love the innocence of my students and how this is such a magical time of year for them! 

To start the week, the first day is always Grinch Day! I absolutely love this book written by Dr. Seuss! 

So this amazing character comes to our room every year and just plays tricks on my kids and leaves them treats for being the best grinches they can be!

Here he took all of our pencils and left us nothing but green colored pencils to write with all day!

Here he left us Grinch Dust to spread on our yard to make sure Christmas comes, Grinch pills to take when we feel grinchy and green candy canes!

We focused on the central message! 

We did our grinchy adjectives! 

We made our Grinch and wrote about what we would do to make him grin!

Of course we made a special ornament! I love this ornament and it was easy and inexpensive to make!

I am ent to Michaels and they had a container of 35 clear plastic ornaments on sale for 7.99. I also bought bright green acrylic paint for 9.99. I also bought a red glitter sticker sheet for only 1.69.

Each child got an ornament. I poured some paint in it and they tapped it until the entire inside was covered in paint. They put the top back on it and cut out a heart out if the glitter paper and put it in the ornament!

Then they wrote Merry Grinchmas 2017 on the back with a permanent marker and they were done!

We dressed in either green or grinch wear! I love my hat, shirt and Grinch gloves I got from @universalstudios.

They made grinch bags to carry home all of their grinch goodies!!

They ended their day with grinch juice!!

Happy grinch day everyone!!!

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