Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reading Superpowers

It is getting to be that time of year again! The time of year when teaches start to think about and plan for back to school! Well, the one place you can not forget about is Oriental Trading! They have an amazing new sight for education!!!!! Click here to check out Learn365!!

When you see the picture below what do you think of?

I know many of you say Treasure Chest or reward box! And of course you would be right but when I saw it, I saw a guided reading superpower center!!! 

Instead of using this as a reward chest, I am using it for all the materials that my reading superheroes will be using to show me all of their reading strengths. This box is full of their "reading "superpowers"!

First we have their X-ray Vision Glasses! These are going to help them when they read the room looking for all the clues and task cards as well as when they are reading in small group!!!!

Alot of super heroes have a side kick! Our partner in reading is Bee boy! When we have him on our finger he helps us bee A Good Reader by helping us follow along and keep our place! 


It seems like super heroes have eyes everywhere! Well we have our second set of eyes to help us see our words and keep our place! 

Our super strength is shown when we can stretch out our words to hear the sounds by stretching our slinky and then put the slinky back together to blend the sounds! What super strength our amazing readers will be showing us!

Just like Batman, our super reading heroes have a super duty vehicle to help them read. These sound cars are amazing for them to stretch out and read their words and also for them to work on their reading fluency!!! 

And where are all of our super hero tools stored??? In our super power reading chest of course!!!

What better word to have on top of our reading chest then awesome! Because all of our super heroes will become awesome readers!!!

Thank you to Oriental Trading for once again having everything teachers need to create such amazing experiences and the materials our kids need to be successful!

My post is my own views and thoughts, Oriental Trading did not pay me for  this post! They did sponsor my post by sending me these amazing products!!