Thursday, July 27, 2017

Class Dojo does it again!

As you all know, I am a diehard @classdojo fanatic!!!! This is a teacher's dream come true! 


Whatever we ask, they somehow already get done for us! First it was student portfolios and oh my are they just amazing!!! Now it is a tool kit!! Yes, they have created a teacher's toolkit and if I may say so myself, it is AMAZING!!!!!

What is in the toolkit you ask? There are so many features! Eight in all! Here they are:

Group Maker
Randomly generate student groups of any size, all with one tap. Group Maker will be your new best friend!

Set the tone in your classroom with the perfect tunes for any activity. Play music that helps students focus, or make free time a little more fun 🎉

Noise Meter

Show students when they’re being too rowdy, or not rowdy enough! Like all tools, the Noise Meter will display on your projector or smartboard. 


Keep your class focused and aware of time remaining for any activity. Need more time? Add 15 seconds or more with just a single tap.


Display daily announcements, a welcome message, or morning work to start the day on the right foot!


Time to toss those old popsicle sticks! Select students at random with just a tap.

Display directions for your class with the Directions tool — no more repeating yourself 26 times!

Think Pair Share

Create a question for students to reflect and discuss in pairs. Partner activities and critical thinking have never been easier.

Isn't this amazing!!! I am so excited to use these in my room! And to pick just one as my favorite is impossible! The noise meter is needed and such a great visual for your kiddos! What a great way for your kids to learn to self regulate and quiet down on their own!!!

The directions!! What a timesaver and a voice saver as well as a nerve saver for us. Just think the days of repeating directions are over!!!!

Love how we can just log in and play music during transitions, writing or whenever else you need a little calming noises!!!!

The group maker is such a helper!! Great way to create your small groups!! And of course I love the think pair share!!! 

How do you get to it ? 

One thing you must remember is that you need to have ClassDojo pulled up on your smartboard, desktop etc but it can be minimized! The tool kit is accessible on your phone! When you login to your class you will see the toolkit option at the bottom of your class. See the photo below! 

When you hit the toolkit the next screen you will see is below!

Then you just choose your tool and away you go!!! 

What is even more amazing! These are not the only tools we will have access to! They want our input so we can help choose the next tool! So go to the website and vote!! Give your input!! 


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