Monday, May 8, 2017

Mindfulness and Class Dojo!

Hello all! As you all know I am a class dojo fanatic! I love class dojo! They have been such an amazing group that want to make things better in the classroom for both students and teachers. Their goal is to increase communication between home and school and also to teach the kids about important concepts that will help shape them into productive members of society!

They have worked with both Harvard and Yale to create video series that help mold out students! 

Well.......Today is the day that a new video series is available!! They have brought us videos on growth mindset, perseverance, Empathy, gratitude  and now...............


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness isnunderstandingnwhat is happening right now! It is understanding how and why your body is feeling at the time! You are noticing what is going on around you.

 As usual they have a video, discussion questions and activity! I can not wait to share this today with my kids!!!


I can not wait to see what mojo and his friends have to say about mindfulness! So click on the picture  below to see the new video!!!!!!!!

Thank you class dojo for once again listening to us and giving us what we asked for!!!!!

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