Sunday, January 22, 2017

Learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!

I can not think of a more important unit to be teaching this year then this. The way our world has been lately, it is so important for us to teach the students the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his Dream!!!!

Throughout the years, I have gathered so many books about this great man and I always find more! My absolute favorite is the book, My Brother Martin written by his sister, Christine King Farris!! My book is signed by her and it is one of my most prized possessions!!!! If you do not have this book, it is a must have. Just click on the book below and it will take you to the Amazon link!!!

So after we read this book, we get right into discussions! I love how they absorb all that we are talking about! They are truly amazed at how the world once was!

To teach them about how we are all different and all the same. I always use a brown egg and a white egg. This depicts the skin colors of my class and it shows how they are different color on the outside but we are all the same on the inside!!! This is so memorable!!!

Then we read a little book to take home and then we do one of my other favorite activities, follow me to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This activity is a no pencil activity. They all get the same amount and same size paper. They have to cut as I cut and glue as I glue. Then they can add their own details!
Here they are! I must say I love how each one is unique!!!!

I created a new sign for my light box for this day! My kids loved it!

What an amazing day! It is days like this that I am proud to be a teacher!!!

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