Monday, November 21, 2016

Dover Air Force Base

Dover Air Force Base is an amazing place to visit! This has to be one of my all time favorite field trips!

I think that it is so important for my first graders to be able to visit a place that is so important such as this. Many of the students in our school are affected by this place due to many of theirnfamiliy members are deployed!

The boys love this trip because of the opportunity to walk into and explore the huge aircraft! The girls also love this part of the trip!

What I love is the guides are veterans and this is so important for my kids to be able to aw and interact with veterans! We just completed our unit on veterans and  they were so excited when they saw that our guide was a veteran from nktnjust one war but two!

Here are some pictures from our trip! Check out these huge planes!!!

My kids loved the airplanes! They also loved touring the museum! What really amazed them was the number of ping pong balls that would fit on their largest plane! 

We saw a rocket and got our picture in front of it!

We got our picture taken by an air plane!

We took a selfie!

 We got to sit in seats like passengers!

We loved it! It was an awesome day!!!







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