Monday, November 21, 2016

50th day of school

I know this post is late! Life got in my way! I know what a surprise! 

Anyway we celebrated our 50th day of school not too long ago and can I just tell you I love this day!

The girls and the boys dressed up! The boys were asked to wear white shirts and jeans and the girls were asked to wear long skirts, blouses and scarves! 

Look how cute they were!

I love my giant jukebox that I got from oriental trading! It is a blow up and it is easy to store!

We read a book and what it was like in the 50s and how it is different from today! Then we did a word hunt for 50 words. We also made little stand up people and did several puzzles and fun pages.

We had a bubble blowing contest!


Here are a few more pics of my kids!

We ended our day by making homemade milk shakes!!!!

Of course we can't forget to include a picture of our lightbox!!!







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