Sunday, April 17, 2016

Famous American Presentations

This summer, I attended the Teach Forward program at the Smithsonian Museum of American History! I loved it! It was free, we got 26 clock hours, we received awesome materials, and awesome ideas. But we also got to collaborate with each other!

I love history. So I jumped at this opportunity and I am so glad I did. 

One of the expectations placed upon us was to create a lesson, teach it in our classroom and send it to the smithsonian! 

I decided I was going to use the idea of symbols and their importance! So I used my favorite president of all time, Abraham Lincoln, to introduce what we were going to do! 

We learned about Abraham Lincoln and talked about what his symbol could be! I already planned on using his hat but I wanted to hear what my kiddos came up with! Many said his hat! I used the book,I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Metzer as my mentor text. Awesome book! You can access the link for this book by clicking on the picture of the book below!

Now of course, I had to buy his hat when I was at the Smithsonian because every teacher should own Abraham Lincoln's hat!! Lol!

Then they were to choose their person who they wanted to research and dress as! Yes, they had to dress as their person when they presented to the class! 

The number of standards that this covered was unreal- listening, speaking, personal narrative, research, facts versus opinions, point of view, social studies, editing, and the list goes on!

So with unit I created which is in my tpt store just click on Abraham Lincoln to see it, my kiddos chose their people and began to research and write their biographies!

Can I just say they were amazing!!!! Please look at the pictures below and check out the video!

Alexander Graham Bell

Paul Revere

 Christa McAuliffe

Thomas Jefferson

Princess Diana
I know she is from England but she wanted to research her so bad! 

George Washington

This is my ELL student who speaks very little English but he did his research and repeated what I said! He was so proud of himself and so was I!

Amelia Earhart

Neil Armstrong

I love how he came in a wheelchair!!!!!

I loved this project so much that this will be a yearly project for my firsties!!!

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