Saturday, February 6, 2016

Big Word Club

How many of you have tried to teach vocabulary and your children are just not that into it? Do they moan and groan or just zone out?

I have an answer to your prayers!!!

This program was created by Shane DeRolf, author if the amazing children's book, The Crayon Box That Talked!!

This program is amazing! My kids love it! 
There are 4 components.

Each week there is a new word for each day. The video for each day is animated. It shows the word written with the pronunciation written next to it. 

Then the definition of the word is seen and heard. 

Then they ask the kids to use the word in a sentence.  This is where I stop the video and have them turn to their neighbor and use the word in a sentence. I walk around and listen. Then I give 4 kids a warm call card so they know that they will be sharing their sentences. 
Click to see the video for the word.

Then after you do all the vocab words for the week, there is a review!!!!

Another component is the story! This is an animated story using the weekly vocabulary!

I play this everyday! The kids love it! They even begin using the words in their writing!

Another component is there is a song using the Vocab words for the week!

My kids sing along with the song. These songs are loved by the kids and easy to learn. They sing these songs as they write!

The last component is the Dance! Yes, they have a dance for the vocabulary words. This is an amazing feature for those children who learn kinesthetically!

Then I have taken this one step further and I have taken the story and typed it up on one page. My children each week work on their fluency using the story of the week. They time each other each day to see how far they can read. I also have made vocabulary review sheets for them to use. They love to fill in the blanks with the correct word and then drawing the pictures to represent each vocabulary word!

So this program is a great resource for vocabulary but also for fluency as well!

This is a program for all grades, PreK through 5TH. It provides all of the students with meaningful vocabulary instruction!

I love the quote that is on the site!

So click on the video below to see the Pilot of this awesome program and then click on the Try it for free button to try it yourself! I promise you, you won't be disappointed!!!!

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