Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let me Introduce to you......

There has been a new addition to our classroom this week! We are very lucky to have Jordan Kapel as our student teacher! The kids met her and they loved her! Her attitude and personality so far has shown me that this is going to be an awesome experience!

The model we will be using is the Coteaching model. This is very different from the traditional student teaching program I have worked with in the past. This model is one where we, the cooperating teacher and the student teacher, plan together and work together throughout the entire placement. There are several aspects to this new model. There is parallel teaching, where we both will be teaching the same thing but in different areas of the classroom. There is Teach and Assist where she will teach and I will walk around and assist the students. There is Unified Coteaching, which is when we have coplanned an activity and we teach it together, like a well oiled machine!! Teach and Actively Observe students is where she will teach and I will observe the students. Of course, there is Center/Station Teaching. This is self explanatory!

No more are the days where the student teacher is left alone to plan entirely by themselves or to be in the classroom for long periods of time alone.

This was created due to our teacher evaluation system as well as the increase in the TAM teaching model.

Welcome Jordan!

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