Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goodbye 2014

Oh my! I can not believe that I have not blogged since December 13!!! I did not blog any Christmas activities at all! So I am linking up with passion in portable land for her Goodbye 2014 Linky Party!

Boy, honestly, it seems like 2014 has flown by! As I look back on the year, there are many memories that are near and dear to me! 

2014 brought me an opportunity that only 21 teachers in the entire country experienced..... A trip to the White House for teacher appreciation!!

2014 has brought me into contact with so many amazing teachers across the country! Blogging has opened many doors for me and I appreciate and treasure all the teachers I have met this year!

I was moved to First Grade after 20 years in Kindergarten! While I miss teaching Kindergarten, I love working with my new team!

I also became an exclusive Creative Teaching Press Blogger and a Teacher Ambassador for Jossey Education!

My daughter completed Kindergarten with perfect attendance and she has been excited and happy in First Grade for the second part of 2014.

Looking back on 2014, I loved the world of blogging but I need to be more consistent. I also need to work more on my products for TPT. I have begun but would like to create more. 

I also need to spend more time with my little one and I need to take better care of myself healthwise.

1. I will try to blog more consistently, at least once a week.
2. I will spend more time with my daughter.
3. I will take care of myself- improve my diet and lose weight
4. Create and publish at least one product a month. (Hopefully more)

Well there it is, my reflections of 2014 and my resolutions for 2015. Click on the link below to see what some other awesome educators blogged!

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  1. Cindy! Thanks for linking up! Wow! A trip to the White House for Teacher Appreciation! Amazing! Spending time with your little one is very important, especially at this young age. I like your resolutions. Makes me feel better to read that I am not alone with being overwhelmed. Blessings to you this New Year!