Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guidelines for effective Guided Math Conferences

I have to tell you that I absolutely love the whole Guided Math process! I am so glad that I have participated in these book studies. Brenda of Primary Inspired is the ring leader of this Guided Math Conferences Book Study! Thank you, Brenda!!

I am lucky to be hosting this chapter of the book with Teach A Roo

The name of the chapter, the final chapter of this amazing book, is Guidelines for Effective Guided Math Conferences. 

This is such an informative chapter. There are so many things we need to consider in order to make our conferences effective. 

Guided Math Conferences provide us with such vital information about the mathematical abilities and thinking of our students. The students must feel comfortable and understand the process. They should know what to expect. 

In order to make them feel comfortable, teachers should:
  • have the conference where the student is working. This avoids the being called on or being in the teacher's domain.
  • sit side by side with the student
  • speak softly to the student. You are sitting close to them, there is no need to speak loudly or in an intimidating tone.
  • ask the student to explain their work
  • respond to the mathematical ideas that the students bring up

Another important guideline is to listen to the students. Listening is very important and it is more then just hearing what they are saying. It is important to show the student you are truly interested in what they are saying, pay close attention to them during conferences, let them finish before interjecting, respond to them in a respectful manner, do not focus on correcting their thinking instead focus on what they are thinking and make sure you give them verbal feedback.

One more thing, celebrate!! Make a big deal about their accomplishments!!

I can not wait until I can incorporate this into my classroom! I know my children will become successful mathematicians with Guided Math!


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