Saturday, May 31, 2014


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Normally this list is hard for me because there is normally only one or two things that I want to do but this summer is going to be different! After 21 years of teaching, I have decided I am going to TRY to have a summer that is not totally focused on school. So here it goes, my list of 10 things I want to do this summer.... drum roll please! (Just Kidding)

10. Reading more books and not just school books. I want to read

 This is supposed to be amazing!!!

I Love Sark! So here are two from her I would love to read!

and of course, there are the books I will be reading for book studies and to improve myself professionally:

 and finally, I know a lot of books! 

9. I am going to make these things that I fell in love with on Pinterest!

Pallet furniture! I love it!!!!!

Herb Garden!

Front porch transformation

And there are many more pinterest wants!!!!!!

8. Go to the Beach 

This is me trying to read all the books I would like to and go to the beach. of course, I do not know how to surf!

7. Catch up on my favorite show that ended this season and I did not get to watch any of it! :(

6. Ziplining! I want to soooooo bad!

5. Spend time with my friends!!!!

4. Be a tourist! 

3. Go and watch my beloved Red Sox play Baseball!!

2. Take my sweet baby to Disney!!!!

and finally the number one thing I want to do this summer is:

There it is my top ten things of what I want to do this summer! I hope everything you want to do becomes a reality!

Follow this link to see what others want to do this summer!!!!

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