Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo and The May Currently

I am blogging about Cinco De Mayo and linking up for the May Currently!

I can not believe it is already May and time for the new Currently! I am linking up with Farley of Oh'Boy 4th Grade for the May Currently!

So here it is:

So currently, I am:

listening to NCIS while I am writing this blog post!
loving my new IPods that I received for my class to do QR Codes through Donor's Choose!
thinking that I really should be in bed and not blogging!
wanting a new laptop or computer!
needing to get ready for a trip to D.C. There will be more details in a later blog post!!
surprise indergarten Smorgasboard!! I am sending you a shout out for the What Does The Fox Sat Centers! LOOOOOVE them!!!

So here is my currently for May! Hit the button below to see the Currently of some awesome educators!!! 

Now for Cinco De Mayo!!!

What a busy day we had! 

To celebrate Cinco De Mayo, we read these books! 

We loved Dragons Love Tacos!
We made a follow me activity for dragons with tacos and wrote how to make tacos.

We made and read an emergent reader about Cinco De Mayo. We also dressed up in a sombrero and poncho. We wore mustaches and held a red Chile pepper.

Even Pete the Cat dressed up and celebrated Cinco de Mayo! !

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  1. Dragons Love Tacos is AWESOME!!! My students LOVE that story! :) We got so caught up on Mother's Day projects, that I didn't get to do anything fun for Cinco de Mayo. That would have been perfect!

    NCIS is cool. I was watching earlier too. My brother is a police officer and is living with me right now. He loves that show and I am beginning to get hooked.

    I am your newest follower!! Come check out my blog!

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching