Monday, April 22, 2013

Storybook Ball!!

On a personal note, My daughter and I attended the Storybook Ball with a friend and their son on Saturday Night at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. This was amazing! Adults and kids were to dress up as their favorite characters. I went as Snow White and my daughter went as Brave!

Here is a picture of us:

While there, the kids got to explore the museum, eat lots of great food, ride the carousel, take horse and carriage rides, dance to a band called The Plants (They were awesome!) and grab a gift bag.

There were characters everywhere! Curious George, Peter Rabbit and of course, Princesses!

Here is a picture of my daughter with a couple of princesses:

Finally, they had a Statue of Liberty section! I could not leave without getting pictures for my kids!!! Here are pictures of Emmy as the Statue of Liberty and a picture of the torch made out of a modge podge of items!! It was breath taking!!!

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