Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs

We have live ladybugs and a praying mantis egg ready to hatch in our classroom. The kids are so excited!

Just a little side note,  if you do get live lady bugs make sure they are dormant before attempting to put them in their dome.  I followed the instructions and placed them in the fridge for 30 minutes.  But when I went to put them in the dome,  they began to fly all over the classroom.  We had 30 ladybugs flying everywhere and who comes in as my kids and I are trying to catch the ladybugs?  My administrator to do a walk through.  That was an experience for her!

The praying mantis egg is amazing.  We are anxiously watching it.  There are 75 to 200 in that egg! !! That will be an awesome sight.  I will keep you posted! !!

Here are some pictures of the egg and the ladybugs:

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