Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Little Groundhogs!

On Friday, we studied the groundhog and learned about Groundhog's Day! The kids were cracking me up because they kept calling the groundhog a gopher. They even told the music teacher to have a Happy Gopher's Day! I couldn't help but laugh! We read a book, completed some smart board ativities, sung and danced to the song I Know An Old Groundhog, and made hats! We completed our prediction chart, 8 said he would see his shadow and 14 said he would not see his shadow. According to all of the reports, 2 out of the three groundhogs did not see their shadow and 1 did. The two who did not were Punxatawny Phil and Staten Island Chuck. The one who did was the General Lee. I sure hope General Lee is wrong!! An early spring would be nice!

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