Sunday, September 30, 2018

Constitution Day

September 17 is Constitution Day! I love to teach this in my first grade classroom!

To start my lesson I pull out my George Washington Barbie while I am wearing a colonial hat! I ask them what do you think we will be learning about today! The responses are always pirates! We are going to be pirates today!

Here is the hat I have. Click the picture for the link!

I then read this awesome book named We the Kids! Click the picture below for the link on Amazon!

We also listen to the schoolhouse rock songs and the Constitution rap song!!!

Then we talk about the Constitution! What does it mean? Why is it important?

Then we create a class Constitution and they all sign it using a peacock feather taped to a sharpie and they are wearing Benjamin Franklin glasses and a colonial hat! 

Here are some pictures!

Of course, we then had to draw self-portraits because the singers of the Constitution had their portraits done! We then hung it in the hallway!

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