Sunday, August 27, 2017

Going Back to School with Oriental Trading and Learn365

It is that time of year where all of us, teachers, are running around looking for all of those perfect things that wil help us complete out classroom for the new school year!

But there is one stop, we can make and it has everything! Even better we do not have  to leave our house!!! Oriental Trading has everything we need and even better they have a new site, Learn365! This site has so much curriculum and educational materials you will be on this site for hours!!! 

I love growth mindset and I love anything that will increase my kids self esteem as well as increase their belief in themselves!! So every year I make sure I have special test pencils and smartie beads!! 

 have such an awesome  selection of pencils! You will surely find some to match your theme! I found these amazing mustache pencils! I mustache you to do your best on your test!!! 

These pencils increase their belief in themselves!!

They love to wear smartie beads! I used to use just plain beads but I found these amazing crayola dog tags that have inspiring words on them. Dream, Inspire, Create!!! I can't wait for them to wear their new smartie beads during assessments!

Speaking of growth mindset, I found these awesome fans for my ceiling that give my kids so many important messages!!

My focus this year, when  setting up my room was my math and number talks area! Oriental Trading and Learn365 have so many math items!!! I had a hard time choosing what to start with!!! I finally chose magnetic ten frames and math strategy posters!

The ten frames are a perfect size for my firsties to manipulate and see! The magnet sticks so well to my chalkboard! The colors are bright!

The math strategy posters are kid friendly! They have both words and pictures for the kids to see and understand the strategy! These are perfect for any math and number talk area!!!

The choices from Oriental Trading and Learn365 are endless and abundant! There is something for every teacher at these sites!!! Please check them out! You won't be sorry!!! 

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my post but these are my own opinions of the products I received!

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