Monday, April 17, 2017

scento-sational Point of View Writing

I love teaching point of view! This is such a fun topic! There are sooo many amazing storybooks to use when teaching this concept. So for first person point of view I love using interactive storybooks! The two that I used this year are 


These books are amazing! My kids love them and they adore the character, Larry! 

For Don't Push the Button, my kids were asked to identify the point of view it was in as well as make a Larry out of purple paper! They also made a red button snack out of graham crackers, vanilla frosting and a red gummy lifesaver!

For Don't Touch This Book, we discussed point of view again and also discussed first person point of view writing!!!

The kids then did a directed drawing activity of Larry and used Scentos markers to make them into pop art Larrys!!! The smell of these markers are amazing and the kids were so excited to be able to use these markers!!! Then they wrote a story in first person or from Larrys point of view and got to trace their writing with Scentos gel pens!! You would have thought they won the lottery!! Using Scentos made them take their time and take pride in their work because these are special writing tools!!! 

So if you are looking for some tools that will make your kiddos want to write then Scentos is your tool! The great news is that Scentos are now found at Michaels!!!!!! A combination of amazing storybooks and Scentos will make any lesson amazing and one to remember!!! 



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