Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love Crafty Croc

Have you ever used a chalkboard market that just made a mess? That wouldn't erase without leaving a smudge or the outline of what you drew or wrote?

Well, I have the perfect markets for you!!!! I absolutely love the chalkboard markers created by Crafty Croc!!! They are amazing!!

I used them to create some signs for my classroom. They are bright and vibrant and easy to remove! They also have two tips a chisel and a round tip! This makes creating even easier!!!

Here are the signs I made !!

Look how awesome they look on canvas!!!!

And here is my last one for this post!!

I ca not wait to use these markers more throughout the school year! You can buy them on Amazon and click the picture below for the link!!!!!

1 comment :

  1. How fantastic preschool classroom Crafty Croc ideas!! I adore this post a lot. I am definitely going to make use of these chalkboard marker crafts in next week’s lesson plan. My Phoenix pre-k will surely love these ideas and will make cool drawings.