Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ocean Life

What do all kids love? Animals, especially Ocean Animals!

I was lucky to be able to preview and use these amazing nonfiction ocean animal books from Hameray Publishing.

In first grade, we are focusing a lot on nonfiction readers. It is hard sometimes to find a nonfiction reader that is right for all of your students. These nonfiction readers are great for all of your learners.

To begin our lessons, we always start with our Wonder wall.  The kids get a sticky note and they write the one thing they wonder about or want to know about the ocean life creature we will be learning about. For those of you who do not know what a wonder wall is, a wonder wall is a place in the room where the kids can hang their wonders up and we refer to it throughout the lesson.

After the wonder wall, I show them the cover of the book. The kids look at the cover and then turn and talk with a partner to see what they know or think they know about the ocean creature. 

After we discussed the cover, We began to read the book. I love the pages because the pictures are bright and colorful and the text is easy for all learners to be successful. The pages are not cluttered so the reader can focus on what the text is saying. As I read the text to them, I stop and ask them questions. I also allow them to ask questions and to talk with a partner throughout the book. 

I love these pages!!!!!!!!! Look below!

After we discussed the books we then completed some activities! The pages that we completed are below! 

click on photo for link to worksheets

I loved these books! I used just the Sea Turtle book as an example in my post. Here are the other books we used!

click on picture for link to order these titles

We then ended our unit using my Ocean Life Research project! They all chose an ocean life creature, researched it, wrote their paper, created note cards and a poster to present to class and then presented their project to the class and to families who came! You can purchase my Ocean Life Project in my TPT store. Just click on the photo below!


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