Friday, November 15, 2013

Number Talks

Number talks are my most favorite time of our school day.

My students have gotten to the point where they can now represent a number using ten frames, number lines, words, numerals, fingers, pictures, number sentences, dominoes, tally marks and gum ball machine. They can tell me if the number is odd or even.

Number talks are an amazing tool. This time of day is full of chit chatting, thinking, praise and fun.

We use manipulatives to create representations and number sentences. A great tool is a ten slot ice cube tray. I use these as ten frames. The kids reliant the number by placing the correct number of pom poms into the tray. This activity provides a lot of information. It shows who is understands left to right and the proper placement on a ten frame. It shows who can count out the correct number of pom poms and one to one correspondence.

They use white boards to write all the ways they have learned up until now to represent numbers.

Another item we use is the zoopal plates. These are great for number sentence creation. The students put the number of pom poms they are representing on the face. They then put some in one ear and some in the other. This guides them in the creation of number sentences.

My students have learned to double check thanks to number talks. They will turn and talk to their partner and check their work. They help each other.

Number talks have improved my students understanding of numbers incredibly. I highly recommend them to any teacher!

Here are some pictures taken during our number talks:

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