Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Spider Padlet Wall

Today, I presented at and attended a technology conference! I presented on using the smart board in a kindergarten classroom.

I attended a session, when I was finished presenting, on Padlet. What an awesome tool!

I made a wall for my next unit on spiders!

Here it is!

Padlet is free! It is user friendly! It can be used with your students.
Just sign up for a free account at
Then click on Build a wall.
On the right side will be a menu to change the background and the name of your page. You can also share your finished page using the menu on the right.

Once you change your background, you can start to add details and text. Just double click on your wall and a box will come up. here you can type either a name or a sentence. then you can write something and add links.

I love this!

I will give a better tutorial tomorrow! I better go back and pay attention to the rest of the presentation!

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